Do the Stay Puft Dance!

Mr. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man took some time off of his busy schedule to do a little dance.

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My new addiction. I would often buy three of these golden brownies whenever I’d drop by Rockwell, but only two usually survive the trip home.

Nom, nom, nom!

I’ve had a thin piece of pink string tied around my left wrist for the past nine months. The only reason why I haven’t taken it off yet is because it’s supposed to make somebody’s wish for me come true, but only if it breaks on it’s own…accidentally.
The year’s almost over and lately I’ve been staring at it more often, practically willing the wish bracelet to break.
Please, please break :(

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Intense words from Death Cab for Cutie.

Such a haunting song.

Fingers crossed.

Please let this be true.

I initially made this “Ode to Noms” series because I was having major food cravings while I was in bed with the flu. What began as one random doodle ended up turning into a 10-item list.I love the smell of pretzels, popcorn and donuts at the mall. I remember back when Powerplant just opened and Auntie Anne’s had a stall on the ground floor. Even when my friends and I would be at the farthest end of the mall, I would always end up gravitating to the lowest level just to buy some of their pretzels.

I remember being completely stubborn about the whole milk tea craze here in the country. I refused to give it a try, because I’ve never been a milk fan (weird, I know). The first time I took a sip of Gong Cha’s Wintermelon Milk Tea though, I instantly became a total convert. I love being the person to take the first slice of pizza from the box. I think pizza’s one of the most honestly and accurately advertised dishes out there. You know how in commercials they always show the pizza slices with tons of stringy, gooey cheese just as you pull it away from the rest of the pie? It actually happens in real life.

A month ago, I made a deal with a friend of mine that I would lay off baked goods for 4 weeks if he would give up soda during the same time period. I didn’t realize how hard it would be -_- I’m just glad I can go back to nomming cookies and cake.

Ever since McDonald’s brought back their twister fries in the Philippines, I’ve been having random cravings for the crunchy, curly things. Something about only having them for a limited period makes you want to have them more. Prioritize Twister Fries indeed. Oh and I remember feeling deliriously happy the few instances when I’ve gotten a twister fry mixed in with my normal fries.
Also, pancakes. My ultimate favorite breakfast food. I’m not a huge fan of maple syrup actually (just butter for me, please!) but any pancake drawing is never complete without a bit of sugary syrup dripping off to one side.

They say renegade twister/curly fries are good luck :)